NaNo – Day 10

Today was interesting. I didn’t write at all in the morning before work, but when I sat down to do so afterwards it was like I was on fire. So many plot points came to mind, as well as the back story for the primary antagonist: the Bone Collector itself. Two people who I thought would make it to the end died, and someone I didn’t even think would make it past the first half of the book is most likely going to survive. New characters were also introduced! Hooray for progress!

Total words written today: 3,277. However, 2,052 of that was recorded for day 10, while the other 1,225 goes down for day 11. Which is awesome, because it puts me ahead. I am also contemplating making a cover for this novel.


NaNo – Day 7/8/9

With work being hectic because of the upcoming holidays, life is a bit tiring. Despite that, I have managed to keep par with progress in NaNo.

Day 7 – 1,794 words.
Day 8 – 734 words. Let’s not discuss what happened here, haha.
Day 9 – 1,824 words.

I’m really proud that I have been able to keep par and that I haven’t quit. I haven’t written much since graduating, so this is an excellent change. Here’s hoping it will become a habit after the month is up!

NaNo – Day 4

I woke up today feeling like a freight train hit me: my body and throat are sore, my nose is stuffed up, and my head hurts to high heaven. After dragging at work, I knew I had to make up for the lack of writing yesterday, and thus made it to 8, 091 words.

How can anyone really function with a cold? And is what I wrote even coherent? I guess I will find out when I decide to tackle revising this monster. I’m pretty proud of myself.