NaNo – Day 28/29

Winner-2014-Web-BannerLook at that fancy banner! This is the first year that I’ve ever won NaNoWriMo, so I’m soaking in this moment. At the very last minute, the last few paragraphs, my novel evolved yet again. There’s still so much work that needs to be done, so much that still needs reworked and improved. But I’m excited. I’m so happy to see all this evolve into something much greater than this silly idea that I had in my head. I never thought I could write a novel, and here I am writing a trilogy. Anyway, here are the final counts:

Day 28 – 1,722 words.
Day 29 – 2,089 words.

I want to congratulate all the winners this year! Also, shout out to those who didn’t make it to 50,000, but still tried: Hey, you did amazing, keep up the amazing work!


NaNo – Day 25/26/27

I can finally see the finish line, and so many things are evolving. It’s an exciting time in my novel, which has really grown into a trilogy. I never dreamed that it would come out this way, especially because I thought it would only be a short story.

Day 25 – 1,688 words.
Day 26 – 2,268 words.
Day 27 – 2,178 words.

I hope to write more when I get back from work.
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, America!

NaNo – Day 18/19/20/21/22/23/24

You read that title right. I haven’t updated in a week, but I’m still keeping up with NaNoWriMo! With the holiday season right around the corner and with some personal stuff thrown in for flavor, I’ve been very busy.

Day 18 – 769 words.
Day 19 – 5,136 words.
Day 20 – 0 words.
Day 21 – 1,086 words.
Day 22 – 1,331 words.
Day 23 – 0 words.
Day 24 – 3,427 words.

The end is so close! And I just discovered who the third villain is! I’m determined to see this year out and succeed. It will be the first NaNo win I’ll have under my belt.

Winter Wheat – Day 2

I had a great time today catching up with former classmates and attending informative sessions at Winter Wheat. It’s always fun to hear what others are working on currently, and what they plan to tackle in the future. It’s also good to strengthen connections with people who are interested in the same things you are. As for the sessions, I wasn’t disappointed. There were four in total today, and I had a blast taking part in them. They are summarized below:

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Winter Wheat – Day 1

First things first, Winter Wheat is a writing festival held by the Mid-American Review, a literary magazine based out of good ol’ BGSU. It’s a three day conference, essentially, that includes sessions that one can attend, as well as readings from visiting writers, and a small book fair. I mostly go to the sessions, as I don’t really have time to attend anything else (which is sad, I know).

I went to two sessions today, one about micro-presses and the other about nightmares.  Continue reading

NaNo – Day 11/12/13/14

Okay, so I’ll be honest here. I gave myself a two day break where I didn’t write anything. It’s good to rest your mind and fingers every once in a while, right? I was worried that it would break the habit that I’m beginning to form, but that wasn’t the case. I slid right back into routine to not only cover the lost ground, but to surpass the par for day 14.

Day 11 – 2,943 words.
Day 12 – 0 words.
Day 13 – 0 words.
Day 14 – 4,145 words.

Also, today I attended the writing festival Bowling Green State University puts on, called Winter Wheat. It’s hosted by the Mid-American Review, which is a literary magazine run out of said college. It was a lot of fun and very informative.